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September 2007

AMD Responds

AMD sent out its own press releases in response to some of the news out of IDF. The company points out that its Barcelona MPU for servers is a true native quad core. AMD also points out that it was first with the memory controller integrated with the MPU and was first to announce a roadmap showing integrated graphics with the CPU. The MPU with integrated graphics, Fusion, is due out in 2009.

AMD saw a severe decline in both MPU revenue and unit shipments in 1Q 2007. The company sis show a strong unit recovery in 2Q 2007, but sales were hampered by falling ASPs. While shipments for desktops and low end servers suffered in 1H 2007, MPUs for notebooks actually increased in both 1Q and 2Q 2007. This week AMD announced major design wins for its Turion 64 X2 dual core mobile MPU with Toshiba, Acer, Dell and Fujitsu Siemens.

In addition to Barcelona, AMD has announced the desktop version, Phenom. This will be offered as native dual-core, triple-core, and quad-core versions. Dual and quad core versions will be released in 4Q 2007. The triple-core version will come out in 1Q 2008.

Semico Spin

Semico: DRAM or NAND – iPhone or Vista – The Balancing Act

Phoenix, Arizona September 21, 2007 - After a close analysis of recent industry events and reports, one item above all grabs attention. DRAM manufacturing capacity has clearly exceeded OEM demand. Quarter-to-quarter bit growth has grown at approximately 20% for the past two quarters - mostly on the strength of the 512M. As a point of reference, if DRAM capacity remains exactly flat with no increase in capacity for the remainder of 2007, DRAM bit growth will still achieve highest growth rate in 7 years.

More News from Intel Developer’s Forum

In addition to the news on WiMAX, UMPC and MID discussed in the previous article, there are more developments from IDF. Here is a brief review.

The next step in Intel’s MPU roadmap, Penryn, was revealed. This is a product family which will have several variants. Penryn is more than a die shrink of the current Core 2 Duo. There are some added features and a larger L2 cache, up to 6 Mbytes. Penryn is manufactured on 45nm. Intel is currently in full production at two fabs (Oregon and Arizona) with product shipping to customers by November 12.

Penryn is a native dual core MPU. Intel will also launch a quad core Penryn. However, this will be a pair of dual core MPUs in one package. This is nothing new for Intel. In fact, the current Xeon Core2 Quad is a pair of Xeon Core2 dual core (65nm) in one package. It appears that a pair of dual core Penryn will consume less die area than AMD’s Barcelona. The two die (quad core) Penryn is code named Yorkfield. The single die (dual core) is code named Wolfdale. In 2008 a notebook version of Penryn will be launched

The first native quad core MPU from Intel will be Nehalem. This will be a new microarchitecure scalable from one to sixteen cores. Nehalem is expected to be launched by mid-2008 using the 45nm process.

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