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May 2006

Capacity Utilization and Capital Expenditure Forecast 2003-2010

Fab Database Reveals More Fabs Needed to Meet Demand

Phoenix, Arizona May 25, 2006 - In Semico’s report forecasting capacity utilization and capital expenditure through 2010, the firm pinpointed Q206 as the time when companies will pick up the pace of capacity additions. As advanced node utilization rate reaches 100%, companies are accelerating or initiating build out of existing fabs and investment in new fabs. According to Semico’s study, Capacity Utilization and Capital Expenditure Forecast 2003-2010, ‘Capex will rise in both 2006 and 2007.’


In-Depth Analysis Breaks Traditional Perception of SOI Cost

Phoenix, Arizona May 22, 2006 - Last year Semico touted silicon-on-insulator (SOI) as one of the most effective solutions to achieve the kind of performance and power required by chips today. As it currently remains, the added cost of the substrate material is one of the perceived challenges hindering widespread adoption.

Flash Cards Growing, Finding New Applications

Semico Expects Flash Card Revenues to Grow Steadily into 2008

Phoenix, Arizona May 16, 2006 - Semico Research today declared the fastest-growing flash card market is camera phones superseding digital still cameras’ historical dominance. The cell handset market began incorporating flash cards in 2003 boosting demand and generating consumer interest. According to a recent study issued by Semico Research, the flash card market was approximately $8 billion in 2003, and will ramp to over $27 billion by 2008.

WiMAX, Wireless Expands its Boundaries

Emerging Wireless Broadband Technology Offers Significant Opportunities

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