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Flash Cards Growing, Finding New Applications

Semico Expects Flash Card Revenues to Grow Steadily into 2008

Phoenix, Arizona May 16, 2006 - Semico Research today declared the fastest-growing flash card market is camera phones superseding digital still cameras’ historical dominance. The cell handset market began incorporating flash cards in 2003 boosting demand and generating consumer interest. According to a recent study issued by Semico Research, the flash card market was approximately $8 billion in 2003, and will ramp to over $27 billion by 2008.

“The displacement of cameras as the flash card leading application is due partly to the incredible growth of camera phones coupled with consumers interest to play music on their cell phones,” said Jim Handy, Director of Non-Volatile Memory Services for Semico Research Corp. “This lends demand for high-capacity flash cards during a slowing in digital camera sales.” Semico asserts that digital cell phones and card-based camcorders (CBCs) will offer significant opportunities for card manufacturers in the near future.

Semico forecasts the current state of the flash card market, and gives a 5-year forecast of flash consumption by end application in their recent study titled, ‘Flash Cards Growing, Finding New Applications.’ Flash demand estimates for future years have been compiled by multiplying the Semico MAP (Market Analysis and Planning) model’s end-use application unit forecasts with estimated flash card acceptance, attach rates, and megabyte capacity for each sub-market.

“Additionally, other applications show promise,” said Mr. Handy. “Semico believes gaming and the digital video market are poised for the next big boom markets for flash.”

For more information contact Jim Feldhan, Semico Research at 602 997-0337 or email him at Please reference report number NV110-06.

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