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November 2005

Foundry Supply and Demand: Dynamic Markets Impose Hard-hitting Strategies

Phoenix, Arizona November 28, 2005 - As Semico predicted, the foundry market experienced a challenging 2005. Over capacity in the first half of the year and increased competition amongst foundry suppliers caused foundry wafer prices to collapse. However, according to Semico’s latest study on foundry supply and demand, market conditions will improve in 2006. Wafer demand will increase by 23% and total foundry revenue will increase by 29%.

So what are some of the factors impacting foundries future? What’s around the corner for the foundries and their customers?

Making NAND? Step Hard on the Gas: Third Quarter 2005 Pricing & Forecast

Makers Find it Tough to Keep Up with Demand!

Phoenix, Arizona November 22, 2005 - The NAND market is growing faster than any market in the history of the semiconductor market. Semico’s newly-released NAND forecast has found that NAND megabytes should grow by about 230% this year, driving revenues to jump a whopping 42% despite a price collapse that started in the second quarter.

Semico has modified its near-term growth projections, increasing its 2006 forecast from $11 billion to $13 billion, or a 25% jump over 2005’s revenues of $10.2 billion.

NOR Turns the Corner: Third Quarter 2005 Pricing & Forecast

2005 Revenues to Hit $7.2 Billion

Phoenix, Arizona November 21, 2005 - The NOR flash market has finally risen above its 2004 doldrums and is poised to grow significantly now through 2006, according to a just-released study from Semico Research Corporation. NOR revenues, which had been steadily sliding since the second quarter of 2004, pulled forward in the third quarter, and are on a track to grow by 19% in 2006. Semico expects to see the market return in force, with revenues peaking at nearly $13 billion by 2008.

Set Top Boxes: Ready, Set, Growth!

Semico Research Releases Report: Set Top Boxes: Ready, Set, Growth!

Phoenix, Arizona November 8, 2005 - Semico Research maintains its position that semiconductor sales opportunities are being created in emerging consumer markets. A recent study completed by the firm on the digital set top box market show both the semiconductor unit and revenue total available markets (TAMs) will continue to increase at double-digit CAGRs.