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NAND Pricing and Forecast—Second Quarter 2005

Semico Research Releases Report: NAND Pricing and Forecast—Second Quarter 2005

Phoenix, Arizona July 28, 2005 - What if your market were growing so fast that you could never quite match supply with demand? That’s what NAND makers are facing now, and according to Semico Research Corp., the phenomena is bound to continue. The firms latest NAND forecast points to the market’s enormous growth, and its upside demand from unexpected new applications which has been taxing manufacturers’ ability to match supply with demand, causing unexpected price collapses and shortages.

Foundry Wafer Pricing—Second Quarter 2005

Semico Research Releases Report: Foundry Wafer Pricing—Second Quarter 2005

Semico's IPI Points to Moderate 2006

Semico IPI - Source: Semico Research Corp.

Phoenix, Arizona July 25, 2005 - Semico’s Inflection Point Indicator (IPI) registered 15.4 in May, up from a restated 14.9 in April. Semico’s IPI is designed to forecast the market 8 to 9 months in advance; the current IPI points to the January-February 2006 timeframe.

Prior results showed the IPI increasing in January and February, followed by declines in both March and April. The fluctuations in the IPI reflect various factors helping to balance the market, resulting in temperate conditions.

Semico Announces Speakers for Outlook Conference

Semico says September Conference will address massive shifts the semiconductor industry is about to incur which will affect all semiconductor device types

Semico Releases Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Report

How does Taiwan stack up against the U.S., China and Japan?

Semico Research Releases Report: Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Report

Jim Feldhan to Speak at SEMICON West 2005 on Automotive MEMS

Automotive Electronics Will be the Focus of President’s Presentation

Phoenix, Arizona July 12, 2005 - Semico Research announced today that Jim Feldhan, President, will participate at SEMICON West 2005 delivering micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) presentation on "Automotive Electronics," in the Emerging Technologies Hall. The tradeshow opened on July 12, 2005, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, and features more than 1400 companies from 24 countries showcasing the latest innovations in semiconductor, flat panel display (FPD), MEMS and Nanotechnology.

Semico Updates Embedded Control Forecast

What are the driving forces for the growth foreseen in 2005 and beyond?

Semico Research Releases Report: Embedded Control 2005: 2Q Update

Semico Releases Media Hub Report

Teams with Triple Play Action: Who Will Win The Pennant?

SOI: Floating Bodies Levitate Market

Semico Research Releases SOI Report: Floating Bodies Levitate Market

Phoenix, Arizona June 23, 2005 - While Semico expects to continue to see improvements in standard CMOS technology over the next few years, it is clear that power and performance are requirements that are moving against each other.

Semico Points to Moderate Growth in 4Q05

Semico IPI - Source: Semico Research Corp.

Phoenix, Arizona June 20, 2005 - Semico forecasts worldwide semiconductor revenue shipments will increase 2.0% in 2005 to $217.3 billion, a slightly more positive outlook on the market than the previous forecast. An upward adjustment in the forecast was spurred by recent improvements in inventory levels, and Semico’s Inflection Point Indicator (IPI) pointing to strength in the fourth quarter.