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What is Your Gateway to the Smart Home? SAVE THE DATE: Brilliant Opportunities for Building Automation

Recently, Canary announced they had raised $10 million in venture capital from Khosla Ventures in addition to the $1.2 million from Two Sigma and Brooklyn Bridge Ventures.  Canary's product is a Smart Home security device that is essentially plug and play.  Right now for most consumers their security options are none, a highly complicated system put in by a firm with monthly fees, or a fake sign in the front yard.  The Canary device works by putting a variety of sensors in a small package with a camera so the user can monitor their home all day. 

Security is just one way consumers are going to become excited about the Smart Home, and it is an excellent gateway for manufacturers to get their sensors and products into the house. 

Is there another way?  How about lighting?  With light bulbs, light switches, and outlets in every room, Smart Lighting provides a great opportunity to easily put in a couple sensors to track air quality, health patterns, security, etc. 

Do you have a fast track into this new, and potentially huge, market?  Semico would like to invite you to our upcoming Smart Lighting event to check out one of the best gateways to the IoT market: SSL. 

Our upcoming IMPACT: Brilliant Opportunities for Building Automation will be hosted in Santa Clara at the Biltmore Suites on April 23rdPreregistration is $45. 

Speakers include:

Tony Massimini, CTO, Semico Research
Todd Gurela, Senior Director, IoT, Cisco
Konstantinos Papamichael, Professor, UC Davis, CA Lighting Technology Center
Derry Berrigan, Chief Innovation Officer, Light Think Studios
Danny Yu, CEO, Daintree
Jason Posselt, Senior Director of Product Management, Intematix
James Zhai, Director, LED Systems & Architecture, Lightera
Michael Poplawski, Senior Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 


Smart Lighting IMPACT Series

April 23, 2014

Biltmore Hotel & Suites, Santa Clara, CA

Register today!

Smart Lighting Conference

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