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System(s)-on-a-Chip: SoC Market Analysis and Forecast

SKU: SC104-17

There have been improvements in many areas of the SoC market from better, more useful Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) to better EDA tools.  These improvements become masked by the fact that just as SoC designers master the technicalities and quirks of the current generation of process technologies, a new generation is introduced to the industry and the process resumes again.

The SoC market is evolving at a very fast pace.  What are the forces driving the SoC market?  This report gives an in-depth look at current forces as well as some perspective from the last several years.  At over 100 pages long, the report contains 16 tables and 72 figures.  The report includes a section on metamaterials and provides SoC unit and revenue forecasts by application and region.  

Table of Contents: 

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