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System(s)-on-a-Chip: Changes in SoC Design Methodology II

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The System-on-a-Chip (SoC) method of creating silicon solutions is delivering on the original high expectations for the future of the semiconductor industry and ASIC markets.  Designs of very high complexity are regularly accomplished using this approach today, far beyond what was possible only five or six years ago using more traditional ASIC methodologies. A new published report from Semico Research, System(s)-on-a-Chip: Changes in SoC Design Methodology forecasts that the SoC Market Forecast will approach $200 Billion by 2019.
"Contemporary SoC design techniques have moved beyond merely crafting a higher performing solution and now are aiming at the creation of true system-level functionality, useful to system designers," says Rich Wawrzyniak, Sr. Market Analyst for ASIC & SoC at Semico. " One or many high-performance synthesizable CPU cores, DSP cores, GPU cores, a large block of memory, one or more 'real-world' interfaces, mixed-signal or analog blocks, high performance on-chip bus structures and embedded API's or other software are all elements found on SoCs today."
Key findings of the report include:

  • The acceptance of the SoC design methodology has led to a forecasted 11.2% increase in 2015 shipments.
  • Average Die Area Partitioning for all SoC types is forecast to reach 75% for memory, 9% for reused Logic and 16% for new Logic by 2019.
  • The Americas market accounted for approximately 19.4% of all SoC units in 2014.
  • The incidence of First Time Right designs continues to drop at every new node.

In a unique, insightful look at this growing market, Semico Research's new report "System(s)-on-a-Chip: Changes in SoC Design Methodology II" (SC103-15, August 2015), examines the evolutionary forces and integration pressures that are driving this market today in 95 pages, with 13 tables and 67 graphs.
The report data covers: 

  • Evolutionary forces that have created the SoC market
  • Evolution of the SoC concept
  • How the SoC market has split into three main product types
  • Definitions of SoC product types: Advanced Performance Multicore, Value Multicore and Basic SoC
  • Changes in SoC design methodology driven by use of 3rd Party IP
  • Evolution in semiconductor manufacturing driven by Metamaterials
  • How SoC design costs influence the market
  • How die area partitioning differs by SoC product type

Forecast Data 2013 - 2019 includes:

  • Worldwide SoC market revenue forecast by SoC product type
  • Worldwide SoC market unit shipments by device type
  • Worldwide SoC market revenues by end application category
  • Worldwide ASIC market revenue and unit forecast
  • Worldwide ASSP market revenue and unit forecast
  • Worldwide SoC market usage by region
Table of Contents: 

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