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Sustaining Growth in the MEMS Market

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The MEMS market has shown a high growth rate which runs counter to the overall semiconductor market. In 2011 MEMS sales are expected to grow 20% reaching $9.2 billion. MEMS devices are migrating quickly into consumer electronics thanks to their use in smartphones.

In just a few years MEMS have migrated from a niche product for the automotive industry into the mainstream of the semiconductor market. In order for MEMS to continue on this high growth path there are several issues that need to be addressed.

In its latest report on the MEMS market, “Sustaining Growth in the MEMS Market”, Semico Research examines the various factors necessary for maintaining the high growth rate for MEMS. A cohesive and healthy ecosystem needs to be developed. This offers opportunities for many companies throughout the supply chain.

How do the foundries fit in this ecosystem? How can costs be reduced and time to market sped up? What are the applications for MEMS and their TAM? How should MEMS vendors approach embedded processing? Semico includes data on sales and shipments of MEMS by applications which indicate key industry trends.

Semico’s report “Sustaining Growth in the MEMS Market” is a concise and insightful look into the issues that impact the MEMS market dynamics. These issues become more imperative as MEMS enter the fast lane of commodity markets such as consumer electronics.

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