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Semico's 2009 Fab Database: Closures, Consolidations, and Conservative Capex

SKU: MA128-09

There have been some major changes in the semiconductor industry over the past year, due to the global economic crisis. These changes have impacted the status of semiconductor fabs worldwide: capacity, capex, wafer size, closures, launches, production ramps, technology node migration, and employee count. Semico’s 2009 Fab Database study will provide key information on changes that have occurred in 2009, and what plans are in place for upcoming fab construction and closures in 2010-2012. The study includes one table and twelve figures in 17 pages.

The study answers the following questions:
• Who has the most fabs?
• Where are the most fabs located?
• Which countries in each region have fabs, and how many?
• Which state of the United States has the most fabs?
• How many fabs are used by IDMs, by foundries, and for development work?
• How many fabs are used for logic, memory, analog/discretes, and MEMS production?
• What is the distribution of fabs by wafer size?
• How many fabs will begin initial production in 2010, 2011, and 2012?
• How many fabs will close in 2009, a record year for fab closures? What about 2010 and 2011?
• How has capital spending been affected by the downturn, and what kind of spending can we expect to see in 2010?

This study includes this Word document as well as an Excel spreadsheet which encompasses the most current version of our fab database. Semico’s fab database includes fabs that are planned, under construction, installing tools, operating, closing and closed.

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