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Semico Speaks on Today's Most Innovative Markets

Join Jim Feldhan at DAC

Join Jim on June 3rd for DAC's breakfast session on Building an Open Ecosystem to Fuel IoT and Mobile Growth.  The session begins at 7:15 a.m. at the Westin Hotel.  

In the nanometer era, there are many new challenges to manage the complexities of bringing a competitive SoC-enabled solution to market on advanced process technologies. Attend this breakfast panel to learn how GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Synopsys are collaborating to enable an open ecosystem, offering a full spectrum of support ranging from product definition and design to manufacturing and packaging, to deliver differentiated silicon solutions to fuel IoT and mobile growth. The discussion will explore the challenges from the foundry, EDA, IP, design services, and customer perspectives, while sharing combined experiences and recommendations on how to solve problems at the SoC level.

Jim will be presenting market forecast data on the IoT market, and will be joined by speakers from HP, Broadcom, Synopsys, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, and Semiconductor Engineering.  

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Join Semico at SEMICON West

Semico has partnered with SEMI to host one of their TechXPOT sessions.  We will be in the South hall on Thursday, July 10th from 10:30am to 12:30pm.  

3D printing is making its mark in almost every field of design, from fashion to art to architecture.  If you can imagine it, you can print it.  The printing process allows designers to make things lighter using materials and techniques they haven't been able to use before, and to completely customize designs for their application.  3D printing slashes prototype turn-around times from months to weeks, days, or even hours.  This innovative manufacturing method enables engineers to design higher-quality products while reducing time-to-market.

At this ground-breaking session on 3D printing, industry experts will explore how 3D printing can benefit manufacturers:

  • How can equipment manufacturers use in-house 3D printing to speed up prototyping, lower costs, and protect intellectual property?
  • Which manufacturing applications are a good fit for 3D printing?
  • How are tool companies already using 3D printing in their processes?
  • Can 3D printing be used effectively to manufacture end-use products?

Join Semico Research and representatives from the 3D printing supply chain to find out how this inspiring technology will impact the semiconductor industry.   

Semico's Jim Feldhan and Adrienne Downey will be joined by speakers from Microfabrica, Rabbit Proto, Protocafe, and Stratasys.  

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Interested in 3D & IoT?

Contact Semico to learn more about our upcoming 3D Printing Report or to schedule a briefing.  

Additionally, Semico recently released a new Internet of Things portfolio of reports.  The portfolio includes the reports listed below.  By purchasing the portfolio, you save 20% off the list price of each report.  


What Does the Internet of Things Need to Grow?

Summary | ToC

  • Numerous standards, both wired and wireless, exist within different markets which are critical to the growth of the IoT. 
  • What are the connectivity issues? 
  • What actions are standards bodies and consortiums taking to achieve interoperability? 
  • Which countries and regions will see the initial growth of IoT? 
  • Which markets will drive early growth and which will be the major markets over time?


The Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, and Sensor Fusion: It's a Brand New World

Summary | ToC

  • An overview and analysis of the many ways augmented reality can take advantage of current technology
  • How augmented reality will force those markets to innovate to fit within the demands of natural user interfaces, privacy, and user-generated content 
  • Focus on the hardware, sensors, innovations, and market trends


Mobile Healthcare: New Technology for a Healthy Lifestyle

Summary | ToC

  • The healthcare market is a large and complex machine that depends on inputs from governments, healthcare providers, insurers, and consumers. Over the next few years, new technologies will completely overhaul the worldwide view on healthcare.
  • Covers Big Data and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Market segments, drivers and barriers
  • Key players, standards and alliances
  • Technology analysis and roadmap


Aging in Place: The Internet of Things for the Golden Years

Summary | ToC

  • How can technology help people age in their homes and avoid nursing home or hospital stays?
  • Revenues will surpass $30 billion by 2017
  • Almost 70% of the ~120 million unit shipments will come from wellness peripherals
  • Includes discussions of Big Data, wireless technology, cloud services
  • Opportunities for growth and innovation
  • Vendor examples


MEMS and Controllers: Dynamics of Competition

Summary | ToC

  • MEMS and microcontrollers work closely together in many applications, with the MEMS device supplying data to the MCU, or the "brains" of the system
  • Which type of MCUs ship with MEMS?
  • What are the end use markets and applications using MEMS and MCUs?
  • How significant is sensor fusion to MCUs and MEMS?
  • Which new technologies are challenging the dominant solutions?
  • Market dynamics and key players


Sensor Fusion: The Elements are Converging

Summary | ToC

  • Sensor Fusion is enhancing the end user experience in a variety of portable applications.
  • What are the key end use markets for sensor fusion?
  • What are the growth rate for sensor fusion and the potential TAM for MEMS sensors?
  • Who are the key players in sensor fusion?


MEMS Energy Harvesting: An Early Growing Season

Summary | ToC

  • The MEMS Energy Harvesting market has high growth potential.
  • Who are the key players at this time?
  • What performance level is currently available from MEMS EH?
  • What are the key applications that can drive the growth of MEMS EH?
  • What do MEMS EH developers need to do to spur growth?
  • How large will the market for MEMS EH be by 2020? 


NFC: Security at Hand

Summary | ToC

  • Is NFC dying or on the verge of exploding?
  • Mobile payments
  • Competing technologies
  • Major players
  • Target applications


For More information, contact Rick Vogelei.
Phone: (480) 435 - 8564


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