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Semico Research Salutes Paolo Soleri, Architect and Artist

Photos: (left) Dean Kamen and Jim Feldhan. (right)Dr. Tsugio Makimoto, Dr. John Kelly III, Jim Feldhan and Wally Rhines.

Phoenix, Arizona April 30, 2013 - Semico Research is saddened by the recent passing of Paolo Soleri, a visionary architect and artist. World-renowned, Mr. Soleri began his career studying with Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin West in the 1940's. However, Mr. Soleri's idea of city design differed from Wright's, in that Soleri thought city buildings should be constructed with more stories to deter sprawl in suburbia. He saw sprawl as a waste of time and energy linked to needless transportation.

In 1956, Soleri created the Cosanti Foundation in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Cosanti is a five-acre compound that includes a foundry that produces Soleri's famous Bells, cast in bronze or clay. Each bell is unique, and they are sold to provide financial support for Soleri's projects. In 1970, Soleri began construction of Arcosanti north of Phoenix, his idea of a model city based on his philosophy of "arcology," architecture combined with ecology.

Photos: Dean Kamen and Jim Feldhan (left photo). Dr. Tsugio Makimoto, Dr. John Kelly III, Jim Feldhan and Wally Rhines (right photo)
Semico Research is uniquely linked to Mr. Soleri and his Bells, in that Semico has used them to recognize semiconductor industry executives at our Semico Summit conference. The Semico Summit brings together thought leaders to address issues and trends related to the semiconductor and electronics industries.

The Semico Bellwether Award is an honor bestowed on a selected company head, for notable contributions and achievements in the semiconductor industry, under the umbrella of grace and style. The Bellwether Award winners emulate the creativity and ingenuity of Mr. Soleri. Each winner received one of his signature, one-of-a-kind bells. The most recent Bellwether winner was Dean Kamen, an inventor and founder of DEKA and FIRST. Other winners include Walden Rhines, Chairman and CEO of Mentor Graphics; Dr. John E. Kelly III, Senior Vice President of IBM; Wilfred J. Corrigan, Chairman and CEO of LSI Logic; and Dr. Tsugio Makimoto, Corporate Advisor at Sony.

The following is a complete list of the Bellwether Award recipients, including their companies and positions at the time of the award:
2011 Bellwether Award Recipient
Dean Kamen, Inventor, Founder of DEKA and FIRST

2009 Bellwether Award Recipient
Hector Ruiz, Chairman of the Board, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

2008 Bellwether Award Recipient
Dr. John E. Kelly III, Senior VP, IBM

2007 Bellwether Award Recipient
Brian Halla, National Semiconductor

2006 Bellwether Award Recipient
Sir Robin Saxby, Chairman, ARM

2005 Bellwether Award Recipient
Wilfred J. Corrigan, Chairman & CEO, LSI Logic

2004 Bellwether Award Recipient
Tsugio Makimoto, Ph.D., Corporate Advisor, Sony Corp.

2003 Bellwether Award Recipient
Jerry Sanders III, Chairman & Founder, AMD

2002 Bellwether Award Recipient
Wally Rhines, Chairman & CEO, Mentor Graphics, Corp.

2001 Bellwether Award Recipient
Steve Appleton, Chairman, CEO & President, Micron Technology, Inc.

2000 Bellwether Award Recipient
Dr. Curtis J. Crawford, President & Chairman, Zilog

1999 Bellwether Award Recipient
Dr. Morris Chang, Chairman, TSMC

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