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Semico Research Releases Latest Fab Database Report: Highlights Where Billions of Dollars in Capex are Being Spent

One of the largest events in the semiconductor industry, SEMICON West just wrapped up another successful show.  Semico Research was there and observed that the used equipment portion was particularly well-attended.  With the emergence of the IoT, MEMS and sensor production are in higher demand than ever before.  These devices are produced in 200mm fabs that are fully depreciated and very efficient.  Many analog products are also made on 200mm equipment, although some production is turning to 300mm.  The increase in demand for 200mm production has increased the need for used equipment.
There is also expansion in 300mm production.  Samsung is building a huge new fab, the largest in the industry, in South Korea.  The company is also completing S3/Line 17, Phase 2 for LSI production this year.  The 3D NAND production is happening now and requires more steps, meaning more tools and fab space are needed.  In addition to the increased wafer capacity at advanced fabs, the industry is focused on the growing demand of consumable materials due to the increased number of process steps at leadng edge technologies.  Even if a fab isn't growing in terms of absolute wafers, the transistion to 3D memory and FinFETs is creating an increased demand for material inputs.      
Semico's Fab Database report is a great resource for tracking changes among advanced as well as mature fabs.  You can also sort the data by region or by type of products.  Our report includes updates on fabs owned by foundries, memory manufacturers, and IDMs.  The database itself includes detailed information about each fab, including operating status, location, process, products, wafer size, capacity, and more.  We update it biannually with a summary of which changes each fab has made over the previous six months. 
"This market is so dynamic; companies are always upgrading tools or adding capacity," says Adrienne Downey, Semico's Director of Technology Research.  "Anyone in the used equipment or consumables markets would benefit from the information in this report."
Semico tracks almost 900 semiconductor fabs in this Fab Database, including those that are planned, under construction, installing new equipment, active, closing, or closed.  Over 300 individual companies or institutions are mentioned in the database. 
Several key changes in the fab marketplace discussed by this report include:

  • SK Hynix's M14 line is almost complete with 2Ynm DRAM equipment being moved into the first floor cleanroom.
  • Cypress Semiconductor has purchased Spansion, gaining a NOR flash line and Fab 25 in Austin.
  • GLOBALFOUNDRIES has increased 2015 capex by about US$1 billion to ramp 14nm in Malta, as well as to convert one of its Singapore fabs to 300mm.
  • In the 2H15, SMIC will be ramping up two new fabs, one in Beijing and the other in Shenzhen.
  • Sony has increased its spending by over US$1 billion to expand image sensor production at its Nagasaki and Yamagata TEC facilities.  

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