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Semico Receives Accolades for Accuracy

Worldwide Notebook PC unit shipments will reach approximately 97.8 million in 2007, a 30% increase from 2006, according to Tony Massimini, Chief of Technology for Semico Research. According to our financial clients Semico’s forecast was the only forecast to call the growth in the notebook market correctly, with forecast accuracy over 99%.

Tony Massimini has been accurately forecasting the computing markets for over 15 years. He is considered an expert on both end-use markets as well as components such as MPUs, MCUs, DSPs, and embedded cores.

Semico Research provides analytic information on strategic end markets for the semiconductor industry. Because Semico comprehends the relationship between families of semiconductors and end products, we were able to forecast an accurate growth rate on notebook PCs for 2007.

Notebook PCs continue to be a double digit growth segment and important to the health of the semiconductor industry. New portable products are continually being introduced. These new products will stimulate new markets and will not cannibalize established growth markets.

Semico expects notebook shipments in 2008 to achieve double digit growth in units and revenues. The notebook PC CAGR for 2007 – 2011 will be 12% for units, continued steady growth for this reliable market.

“Semico’s notebook PC forecast is the result of several factors,” says Tony Massimini. “It comes from years of experience studying this market, its cycles and its key players. A top down approach starting with Semico’s overall forecast provides a macroeconomic view. This is combined with a bottom up approach by analyzing MPU shipments, the results from PC vendors and key chip suppliers, pricing trends, manufacturing technology roadmaps, and wafer capacity.”

A detailed notebook forecast was recently published in Semico’s “Executive Briefs” report, which outlines notebook PCs in addition to 25 different end use markets and their unit and revenue forecasts, semiconductor content, total available market, growth trends, and wafer forecast.

The full “Executive Briefs” report, containing all 3 C’s sections with 116 graphs and 115 tables of data is available for immediate delivery for $10,000. Alternately, one of the 3 C’s sections, Computing, Consumer or Communications, can be purchased separately for $3,995. To purchase, please contact Susan Cadel at 607-368-7600 or and reference report MPEB-2-07 – Executives Briefs.

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