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Semico President Jim Feldhan Speaks at Semicon Korea

Semico President Jim Feldhan spoke at Semicon Korea 2018 in the Smart Automotive Forum (January 31) and Market Seminar (February 1).  Jim's presentation was titled "Market Dynamics Driving the Future of Automotive Semiconductors."

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Abstract:  The electrification of vehicles is driving significant change in the semiconductor industry. Semiconductors used throughout automotive systems increase safety, efficiency, reliability and provide additional features. Jim Feldhan will present Semico’s forecast for the automotive market and describe the growing automotive systems trends and the impact on the semiconductor industry. In addition to driver assist and autonomous driving this presentation will touch on the other emerging automotive electronic systems. What is the long-term growth for automotive semiconductors? Jim Feldhan will discuss the various markets and the forecasted growth over the next 5 years.


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