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Semico IMPACT Conference: Will IP Subsystems Help Reduce Complexity? At What Cost?

Phoenix, Arizona March 27, 2012 - With rising SoC complexity, silicon and software design costs are rising. Further, the cost to integrate 100 or more discrete IP blocks into a complex SoC silicon is also rising. With the evolution of complex SoC architectures, the need for better, more comprehensive, higher performing IP has never been greater. In the search for better solutions, does the IP Subsystem have a role to play, or is there a better, more efficient path the industry can take? Semico Research is hosting a one-day event in San Jose on May 16, 2012, which will address these issues and others. Register now!

The panel, "Will IP Subsystems Help Reduce Complexity...At What Cost?" will explore these topics:

• How can the SoC design community reduce the level of effort to accomplish a complex SoC, yet meet the market requirements for increased functionality and richer feature sets in their silicon solutions?
• Some claim the IP Subsystem represents the next bend in the road for the 3rd Party IP market. What can IP Subsystems bring to the ecosystem? What other solutions are waiting in the wings to drive the next wave of SoC designs?
• What role will IP vendors of discrete IP blocks play in this trend?
• What role will large IDMs play in the deployment of IP Subsystems?
• How can silicon foundries facilitate the merger of complex SoC silicon and IP Subsystems?
• What role will EDA companies play in the march towards use of IP Subsystems?
• Will someone finally be able to tame the multi-headed software monster through the use of IP Subsystems? Do Subsystems truly represent a simple, low cost solution?

These questions and more will be addressed in this thought provoking and informative panel discussion revolving around the emerging trend for IP Subsystems.

Semico's Impact Conference will be held on May 16th, 2012at the San Jose Doubletree Hotel. A series of keynotes and two panels will cover the semiconductor IP ecosystem.

Register now to secure your seat at this ground-breaking conference!

For more information, please contact:
Jim Feldhan


Joanne Itow

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