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Semico Fab Database 2018 Summary Now Available

Semico's Fab Database report is a great resource for tracking changes among advanced as well as mature fabs.  You can also sort the data by region or by type of products.  Semico's report includes updates on fabs owned by foundries, memory manufacturers, IDMs, and research facilities.  The database itself includes detailed information about each fab, including operating status, location, process, products, wafer size, capacity, and more.  Semico updates it biannually with a summary of which changes each fab has made over the previous six months. 
Semico tracks almost 1000 semiconductor fabs in this Fab Database, including those that are planned, under construction, installing new equipment, active, closing, or closed.  Over 300 individual companies or institutions are mentioned in the database. 
Some key changes in the fab marketplace discussed by this report include:

  • Samsung has broken ground on a second fab in Xian, China. The fab is planned to be completed in 2019 and will be used for V-NAND production.
  • Toshiba and WD plan to build another new fab (Fab 7) in Kitakami; land purchase and site prep began in 1Q18. The fab will produce 96-layer 3D NAND.
  • TowerJazz and Tacoma Semiconductor are building an 8" fab in Nanjing, China. The fab will manufacture CMOS image sensors.
  • In January 2018, TSMC broke ground on its 5nm Fab 18 in the Southern Taiwan Science Park, with production scheduled to begin in 2020. TSMC also plans to build a 3nm fab nearby, with construction slated for 2020.

This study includes a Word document as well as an Excel spreadsheet, "Semico Fab Database.xls", which encompasses the most current version of our fab database. This report provides a snapshot of a "living" document, as fab statuses and plans are announced all the time. Semico tracks these changes on an ongoing basis and issues an updated report biannually. Companies are only included in this writeup if they have made announcements regarding their fabs.

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