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Rich Wawrzyniak to Speak at DAC, June 8, 2016

Rich Wawrzyniak, Senior Analyst at Semico Research, will speak at the 2016 Design Automation Conference on June 8.  He will participate on a panel titled, "Why IP Subsystems and Why Now?"  

Chair: Warren Savage

Richard Wawrzyniak - Semico Research Corp., Phoenix, AZ
Drew Wingard - Sonics, Inc., Milpitas, CA
Marco Brambilla - Synapse Design, Santa Clara, CA
Organizer: Richard Wawrzyniak

The session will consider the following aspects of the emerging the IP Subsystem market.

  • Drivers and market forces that have combined to prompt the creation of the IP Subsystem concept
  • Evolution of the IP Subsystem market
  • Benefits of IP Subsystems
  • Cons of IP Subsystems
  • IP Subsystem Vendor Landscape
  • Categories of IP Subsystems
  • Examples of IP Subsystems
  • Impacts on complex SoC silicon and software design costs and design time
  • Solving real world problems with IP Subsystems
  • Where does the IP Subsystem concept go from here and how do we get there?

Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the underlying fundamentals driving the Subsystem market with tips on when and when not to use a Subsystem product.

Design Automation Conference 2016
Where:  DAC Pavilion, Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas
When:  1:30pm-3:00pm, June 8, 2016
Panel Title:  Why IP Subsystems and Why Now?

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