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Joanne Itow

Managing Director Manufacturing


Joanne Itow is Managing Director, Manufacturing for Semico Research. Focusing on analysis for semiconductor manufacturing, Joanne oversees research in the following areas: wafer demand, fab capacity, technology transition and the equipment market. Over the past 20 years, Joanne has specialized in the foundry market, forecasting foundry wafer supply and demand. She is responsible for the development and maintenance of a Wafer Demand Model which forecasts semiconductor wafer demand by product, technology and wafer size.

She also covers topics related to materials used in semiconductor production such as SOI (Silicon on Insulator) and copper. Joanne has served in an advisory capacity on the International Sematech Industry Economic Modeling committee from 1999-2012 and the SEMI Arizona Steering Committee. Joanne has successfully completed customized research projects which span the complete range of topics and management levels including detailed wafer demand data analysis to competitive analysis for “go-to-market” strategy development. Joanne has delivered solutions to companies such as GlobalFoundries (formerly Chartered), IBM, Intel, LAM Research, Samsung, Soitec, TSMC, Tower Semiconductor, McKinsey. Joanne holds an MBA from Arizona State University and a BS from the University of Arizona.