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IP Subsystems: The Next IP Market Paradigm

SKU: SC106-10

As the semiconductor industry enters the second decade of the 21st Century, substantial changes to the System-on-a-Chip (SoC) design methodology are taking shape. These changes reflect issues the industry has been discussing for the last 5-6 years that are adversely affecting the SoC design effort to an ever-greater degree:
• Rising design costs
• Increasing design complexity
• Shrinking market windows
• Lengthening design cycle times
• Rapidly changing market requirements
• Escalating integration costs for Semiconductor
• Intellectual Property blocks
In a unique first look at this emerging market, Semico has drafted a new report entitled IP Subsystems: the Next IP Market Paradigm, SC106-10, November 2010, which examines the evolutionary forces and integration pressures that have caused this market to form. The report also examines how the implementation of IP Subsystems into the SoC design flow will change the way SoC designers conceptualize and craft their silicon solutions in the future.

Some of the topics and data discussed in 99 pages, with 51 tables and 61 graphs, are:

Topics Discussed:
• Origins of the IP Subsystem concept
• Evolution of the IP Subsystem concept
• Different types of IP Subsystems
• Different business model approaches
• Advantages and disadvantages of IP Subsystems
• Likely consumers and suppliers of IP Subsystems

Forecast Data: 2010 - 2015
• Worldwide IP Subsystem market revenue forecast by Subsystem type
• Worldwide IP Subsystem market unit shipments by device type
• Worldwide IP Subsystem market revenues by end application category
• Worldwide IP Subsystem design starts by device type
• Worldwide IP Subsystem design starts by process geometry
• Worldwide IP Subsystem usage by region

Semico believes that if products are well thought out, implemented correctly by the IP Subsystem suppliers and embraced enthusiastically by users, tangible gains can be made in design productivity, device performance and system level performance, and that design costs can be mitigated to some degree. For a Semiconductor industry that has seen poor to deteriorating global economic conditions in the last 2-3 years, this will be welcome news indeed!

Table of Contents: 

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