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Last week Semico had the opportunity to visit Interop at Mandalay Bay. With over 400 exhibitions, it was hard to pick a favorite, so here are some of the products that caught our attention.

For enterprise solutions the AdderLink ipeps (IP-engine-per-server) stood out among the KVM switches. A KVM-via-IP product, the palm-sized AdderLink ipeps enables computer access from any location via the internet or a corporate network.

Phihong USA demonstrated their PoE workstation using their POE60U-560G and POE45D-120 products. PoE workstations are targeted to schools, call centers, brokerage houses, and emergency services for its cost savings and single point of backup in case of a power outage. Using the IEEE 802.3at standard, their products deliver 60watts over a PoE cable, enough power to run the workstation and monitor.

Fujitsu announced their next mobile WiMax SoC, touting substantial speed and performance improvements. Additionally, Makoto Awaga said, “we are confident we will be able to achieve the lowest power consumption for this class of device.” Any product update that can provide increased performance with low power is a good thing, but in the mobile WiMax market, media rich applications are desperate for increased performance to help this emerging market take off.

Overall, the focus was on implementation simplicity, user interface simplicity, and telecommuting. This meant a focus on VoIP for branch locations and telecommuters, VoIP over WiFi for consumers and employees, and PoE for computers, phones, WiFi access points, security cameras, etc. On the software side, the focus complemented these ideas with increased security and remote access management.

This product focus is based on taking the burden off the consumer and putting it back on the products. Today it’s easy for consumers to spend all their time creating another communication channel. So now it’s about simplifying and organizing those different communication channels into a simple and secure interface that can be used anywhere in the world.

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