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Flash SSDs Making Inroads into Computing

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Flash Solid State Drives (SSD) offer great advantages for computing in terms of power consumption and compact size. However, as a replacement for Hard Disk Drives (HDD) it is difficult to compete on price in terms of memory storage per dollar.

Flash and SSD vendors are expected to continue to make improvements in density offering more GB/$, more reliable products, better wear-level algorithms, and longer write cycle lifetimes. Higher densities at consumer level prices will enable growth in mobile PCs.

The need for low power and fast response will drive the penetration rates for SSDs, especially in the enterprise segment. The demand on bandwidth from social networking and the goal to make data centers more “green” are key factors for SSD growth in servers.

Semico Research presents its more recent forecasts for computing systems and the penetration rates for SSDs. The growth for SSDs in computing is expected to be exponential.

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