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Doing Well by Doing - Good STMicroelectronics' View to Shaping the Semiconductor Future

At the recent Semico Summit STMicroelectronics presented its view on shaping the semiconductor future.  Bob Krysiak, Executive VP and GM of the Americas Region, spoke on how ST and the semiconductor industry is “doing well by doing good.”

Mr. Krysiak pointed out the demographic changes that are occurring.  There is increasing world population with most of this growth in non-Western countries.  By 2050 there will be nearly 10 billion people, an increase of 3 billion over today.  In addition we have an aging population.  This puts pressure on many resources.

The theme of his presentation, “doing well by doing good,” presents the internet and connectivity as key elements in addressing these issues.  He noted that the internet and connectivity have become the plumbing of our world and industry.  There are a growing number of online users, many in China.

We will depend more on the internet and connectivity for increases in productivity and security.  Human productivity will depend more on mobility and wireless.  Banking will be transformed by this, but then security becomes more important.  This will lead to growth in brand authentication, protection and trusted platform security.

With an aging population countries need to deal with healthcare management.  Mr. Krysiak pointed out that in developed countries 12-18% of GDP is for healthcare spending.  Much of this is for chronic disease management, such as diabetes.  Remote monitoring and wellness are the next big explosion of content.  Connectivity will play a major role in this.  Semiconductor technology, including MEMS, offers more affordable solutions, with greater reliability and precision.

The Smart Grid applies IT and networking expertise to deliver energy efficiently.  This includes smart meters, photovoltaics, electric vehicles and Home Area Networks (HAN) working together for energy efficiency by balancing supply and demand.  Network security plays an important role.

The semiconductor industry offers the intelligent control and high performance analog technology to make all of this happen.

Tony Massimini

Chief of Technology

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