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The Digital Still Camera Market: The Picture Keeps Getting Larger

Topping 150 Million Digital Still Cameras by 2010

Phoenix, Arizona June 21, 2006 - Don’t hold any wakes for the digital still camera market just yet. Conventional wisdom is that the market will top out within the next two years at just over 100 million units. Semico Research Corp. doesn’t believe it. The market is maturing, but it is still growing and will exceed 150 million units by 2010. The reasons are detailed in a just released Semico digital still camera study. Film camera replacements will continue over the next five years. Current owners will continue to upgrade as digital still cameras get even better at lower price points. Because digital pictures are essentially free consumers will use digital still cameras more often than they did film cameras and buy more cameras as a result. In addition, increasing disposable incomes in developing economies such as China or India will expand the market.

A larger digital still camera market is good news for the semiconductor industry. The semiconductor TAM will increase to nearly $6 billion by 2010. Higher megapixel count image sensors will require more and higher-density Flash memory cards. That, in turn, will, drive an increase in the TAM for NAND Flash semiconductors, especially at higher densities. In addition, new features such as WiFi and improved video and audio will add to the semiconductor content, creating new opportunities for semiconductor companies

The Semico Research Corp. study, “The Digital Still Camera Market: The Picture Keeps Getting Larger,” provides valuable information for digital still camera OEMs, semiconductor vendors and foundries. The study includes an OEM sales forecast, a semiconductor BOM forecast, a semiconductor ASP forecast, semiconductor TAM forecasts and a wafer demand forecast. It also discusses the market and technology trends driving the digital still camera market.

This study is available for immediate shipment. The list price is $2495. For more information contact Jim Feldhan, Semico Research Corp. (602 997-0337, Please reference report number MP117-06.

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