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ASIC Design Starts for 2019 by Key End Market Applications

SKU: SC106-19

Semico Research's new report, Design Starts for 2019 by Key End Market Applications, SC106-19, offers a comprehensive analysis of the ASIC design start landscape today and into the future.  It provides excellent data for product planning, marketing and sales activities at fabless semiconductor companies, 3rd Party IP vendors and major OEMs and IDMs.  The report includes:

  • 71 end market applications analyzed and organized into categories by Computer, Consumer, Communications, Industrial and Automotive.
  • Nine ASIC product types including Mixed-Signal, Analog, Advanced Performance Multicore, Value Multicore and Basic SoCs, FPGAs and PLDs, Gate Array and Structured ASICs.
  • Two years of history (2017 -2018) and a 5-year forecast (2019 – 2023).
  • ASIC design starts and unit shipments for each application and each product type.
Table of Contents: 

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