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Analog Market Update: Making Digital Systems Come Alive (2017)

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Analog ICs are critical to nearly all electronic devices.  The global electronics market will consume over 150 billion analog ICs in 2017. This translates to several analog ICs per electronic device.  While analog ICs are essential to electronic systems, average selling prices have been dropping and will only command a modest $0.344 in 2017.
Analog ICs experienced stronger than average growth over the last several years as mobile products grew at double-digit rates.  Electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets have a higher than average analog content, thus growth has exceeded the overall market. Today the growth appears to be shifting as end applications like smartphone and tablet markets saturate.  The Internet of Things presents a great growth potential for analog and sensors, and the IoT is now being supplemented by new applications. Automotive and artificial intelligence are building off the big data growth and becoming another driver for analog ICs.
Over 160 pages long, this report provides profiles of top players in the analog market, including foundries.  The market data is presented by region in the Word document, and by quarter by product in attached Excel file.  

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