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Analog Market to Grow 9.5% in 2013

Phoenix, AZ - January 15th, 2013 -- Semico Research recently published a detailed forecast and analysis of the analog market, titled Analog Forecast, Products, Suppliers and Foundries. The analog market totaled $40 billion revenue in 2012 and is expected to experience a 9.5% dollar and a 6.4% unit growth for 2013. Growth in is two main areas. As the popularity of mobile electronic devices continues, analog power management chips continue to advance, improve performance and find new applications. Secondly, the world is still analog. Analog devices are required to interface with the real world as electronics move more deeply into retail operations, automobiles, the home and of course, the Internet of Things. Connectivity everywhere and all the time is finally becoming a reality and is the catalyst for continued analog market growth through the forecast period presented in this report.

The analog market is well populated with suppliers, although we find this market fairly fragmented allowing for many players to remain viable and profitable. Revenue per wafer is a common measurement for the health and stability of a market. This report compares analog revenue per wafer to the total semiconductor industry as well as DRAM, NAND, cellular and discrete devices.

The report includes a detailed breakout of 35 analog product markets forecasts by quarter through 2016 for revenues, units and average selling prices. Also included is a detailed listing of each supplier by major analog segments as well as the product offerings for each of the 52 analog suppliers covered in this report. In addition, a technology roadmap is provided for analog foundry suppliers.

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