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Analog Manufacturing Enters the 300mm Era

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The analog IC market is a $42 billion business, representing 14% of the total semiconductor market. The market is fragmented, with over 90 companies participating, either as IDMs, foundry, or fabless. Revenues from analog are heavily weighted to communications products, but several market growth drivers are identified, including automotive, energy, mobility, and medical/healthcare.

This report covers analog capacity by region, by wafer size, and by company type. Analog IDMs and fabless companies are presented according to the types of analog products they produce. Companies with analog foundry capability are also included. The report ranks the top ten analog companies by their analog capacity. The 2011 analog market shares are included as well.

The analog market is moving into the 300mm era, and this report explores the players in this area and who will be next to move to the larger wafer size. Finally, analog capacity by technology node is presented. As the analog industry moves to more complex products on smaller technology nodes, there will be an increase in 300mm production.

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