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Akustica Continues Digital Microphone Innovations

In recent weeks Akustica has made two major announcements. One is a high definition microphone and the other the world’s smallest microphone.

The high definition voice product is aimed at the emerging demand for higher bandwidth for VoIP. Akustica is in discussions with Skype and Google Talk.

The smallest microphone is the result of a die shrink that resulted in a 70% smaller die. Akustica claims that it can reduce the price to meet the cost requirements of the cell phone market and even exceed expectations. The package measures 1mm x 1mm.

Semico Spin

Akustica first emerged a little over a year ago. What has always been notable about the company is that all of its products use standard bulk CMOS. This is impressive in the MEMS market where well established companies have there own special processes. The microphones have CMOS logic integrated onto the MEMS.

Akustica’s early design wins have been in the notebook PC market, with systems available in 2007. Growth is being driven by such applications as VoIP, web cams, and Youtube. With the latest product announcements it is apparent that Akustica will broaden its target markets to include cell phones.

It appears to Semico that Akustica is offering a compelling solution that can reduce not only cost, but also size constraints as well as offer improved performance.