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AI SoC Automotive Unit Volume will Surpass 2.8 Billion Units by 2023, Says Semico Research

AI is ready to make an impact in a long list of industries and applications. The initial round of AI adoption occurring today involves the replacement of existing SoC solutions with new silicon solutions that incorporate some level of AI functionality. In addition, there are hundreds of new designs that are being tested for new products and applications as part of the new world of artificial intelligence. The performance levels required by these new solutions will vary as dictated by the need of each application. Some require high performance, as is required in automotive applications. In a new Semico Research report, Artificial Intelligence: Powering the Next Generation Of Growth, AI SoC Automotive unit volume is forecast to surpass 2.8 billion units by 2023.This new report provides additional detail on the current status and growth of AI in the Smart Home and Automotive markets.
"In this report, Semico focuses on the Smart Home and Automotive markets. These two markets were selected for in-depth analysis because of the significant amount of AI functionality that has already been integrated into them," states Rich Wawrzyniak, Principal Market Analyst, ASICs and SoCs. "In addition, Semico believes these two markets will be the first to experience an evolution towards a hybrid SoC architecture that is heavy on inference and also includes training capabilities for solutions at the edge. There is no timetable for such an architecture, but designers are already working on these solutions. Given the high rate of progress in the AI market and the recognition that most data computation needs to occur locally for critical functions, a hybrid solution will not be far off."
Key findings of this new research include: 

  • Basic SoCs will have the highest unit volumes in Smart Home appliances, reaching nearly 655M units by 2023.
  • In the "Other Home Applications" segment, the penetration rate for all SoCs with some level of AI functionality will reach 44.0% by 2023.
  • AI SoC growth from 2019 to 2020 for adaptive driver assistance systems (ADAS) will be 103.7%.
  • AI SoCs for total Automotive will grow to nearly 3 billion units by 2023.
  • AI Advanced Performance Multicore SoCs for Automotive will reach nearly one billion units and have a CAGR of over 35% over the next five years.

Semico Research's new report, Artificial Intelligence: Powering the Next Generation Of Growth, is an in-depth analysis of artificial intelligence with detailed data on the Smart Home and Automotive markets which already have a significant amount of AI functionality integrated into them. This is a Word document that contains 108 tables and 123 figures in 174 pages providing data on the current and future growth of AI functionality and design starts for all category of SoC. An Excel workbook with all the data in the tables and figures is accompanies the Word document.
Also included is a review of current AI architectural solutions provided by the following companies: AMD, Cisco, Google, GreenWaves Technology, Gyrfalcon, Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Syntiant, ThinCI, Wave Computing and Xilinx.

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