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Aging in Place: The Internet of Things for the Golden Years ABRIDGED

SKU: MP104A-13

We are a society that is growing older by the minute. By 2030, there will be over 72 million people over the age 65 in North America alone. And one thing is certain: none of the elderly want to end up in a nursing home. In fact, elderly who can avoid lengthy nursing home stays, on average, have a median household wealth that is 1,130% greater than those who have stayed in a nursing home over 180 days.

As a result, revenues for Aging in Place will reach over $30 billion by 2017. For this reason, Semico has released a large 97 page report that includes almost 100 figures and tables to discuss dozens of companies making headway in this market.

But we realize a report that size might just be too much if you’re trying to decide if you should enter this new and growing market. For you, Semico has cut down the larger Aging in Place report to just 26 pages and 15 figures and tables. This abridged report will give you a primer on the market drivers and barriers, the market segments, and the total market forecast.

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