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Adrienne Downey

Principal Analyst
Semiconductor Manufacturing, Sensors and MEMS

As Director of Technology Research for Semico Research, Adrienne is responsible for covering a variety of topics, including NFC, smartphones, and 3D printing. She maintains a sensor and MEMS manufacturer database organized by type and target market, and recently wrote about the growing biometrics market. Adrienne works with the manufacturing team, maintaining the fab database, capital spending and R&D spending for the semiconductor industry.  Adrienne also participates in our numerous custom research projects, supplying forward-looking information into disruptive and innovative technologies. 

Adrienne brings over twenty years' experience in the market analysis industry, covering a variety of disciplines. At Semico Research, her past focus has been on NAND and NOR Flash, SRAM, cell phones, DVD, DTV, PDAs, custom research and semiconductor industry market shares. Adrienne holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, and a BA in French from Berea College.

Adrienne has either been quoted in or has authored the following articles in the press:

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