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870 Fabs at Your Fingertips

Semiconductor manufacturers never stand still.  You can't afford to with today's stiff competition.  And to survive, you're probably looking for improvements in process technology and wafer capacity.  That is why Semico maintains a detailed Fab Database.  It's a great resource for tracking changes among advanced as well as mature fabs by region and product type.  

Our report includes updates on fabs owned by foundries, memory manufacturers, and IDMs.  The database itself includes detailed information about each fab, including operating status, location, process, products, wafer size, capacity, and more.  We update it biannually with a summary of which changes each fab has made over the previous six months. 

"Anyone in the used equipment or consumables markets would benefit from subscribing to this service." says Adrienne Downey, Semico's Director of Technology Research.  "This database is a 'living' document because the market is so dynamic."

Semico tracks over 870 semiconductor fabs in this Fab Database, including those that are planned, under construction, installing new equipment, active, closing, or closed.  Over 330 individual companies or institutions are mentioned in the database. 

Several key changes in the fab marketplace discussed by this report include:

  • Samsung's Xi'an fab began mass production in May 2014
  • SanDisk and Toshiba both plan to  mass produce 3D NAND in 2H2015
  • X-FAB is expanding their 200mm MEMS capacity
  • Intel takes back control of Fab 18
  • Brazil's Six Semiconductores fab to begin production in 2015, including equipment from LFoundry's closed Rousset fab

Companies mentioned include ON Semiconductor, Renesas, Fairchild, Intel, STMicroelectronics, TowerJazz, UMC, X-FAB, Toshiba, SanDisk, Samsung, and many more.  For a complete list, contact Rick Vogelei at Semico. 

For More information, contact Rick Vogelei.
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