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76% of Augmented Reality Devices will be Smart & Feature Phones, says Semico Research

The last few years have shown some amazing strides in augmented reality (AR), MEMS, mobile, Sensor Fusion, and the Internet of Things (IoT).  But what is hype and what is real value?  

This is all still a young industry, which is why Semico's latest report, The Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, and Sensor Fusion: It's a Brand New World, analyzes which markets investors should look closely at, which technologies will have the largest penetration rates over the next few years and forecasts that IoT for the home will reach almost 20 billion units by 2020.

What does the IoT market have to do with Augmented Reality and Sensor Fusion?  "The three markets combined will create an enhanced user experience by creating a household ecosystem for the consumer," says Michell Prunty, Senior Analyst.  "Through this ecosystem the customer will have an interface to handle everyday activities like checking grocery lists, programming the thermostat, etc.  Many IoT devices will stream data for AR apps and gaming while Sensor Fusion will read the input for exact measurements for external services like heating."

Key findings of this new research include:

  • Smart Phones will continue to be the largest market for Sensor Fusion.
  • By 2020, there will be over 22 million connected refrigerators in the US.
  • AR-ready mobile revenue will reach over $630 billion by 2017.

It's all interconnected, and Semico's latest report, The Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, and Sensor Fusion: It's a Brand New World, highlights key opportunities for vendors along the supply chain.  This report is 106 pages long and includes almost 110 tables and figures. 

Markets this report investigates include:

  • Gaming
  • Smart TV
  • Shopping
  • Behavior Monitoring
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Appliances
  • Manufacturing / Engineering
  • Military
  • Heads Up Displays
  • Sports

Companies mentioned in this report include: Vuzix, Lumus, Epson, Google, Apple, Canon, Analog Devices, InvenSense, Qualcomm, Freescale, Sensor Platforms, PNI Sensor Corp, STMicroelectronics, Microsoft, Xtrinsic, Khronos, Kionix, Digimarc, Sony, Tomita, Movea, CastAR, Tobii, Freespace, GM, Hudway, Zeal, Recon, Appareo, Daqri, Vidente, Metaio, Innovega, MARVRCS, Xsens, Gimbal, Duracell, Leap, MIT, and others.  

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