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2014 Semiconductor Revenues will Increase over 7%, Says Semico Research

Semiconductor revenues are on track to grow over 7% in 2014.  This is a welcome improvement over the last three years but is still below the industry average post the dotcom bubble.

During the 1990s the compound annual growth rate for semiconductor revenues averaged 15% and units averaged almost 11%.  Tossing out the anomaly of 2000 and calculating the CAGR from 2001 - 2010, revenues grew at an 8.9% CAGR.  

Most recently, during the first three years of this decade, revenues have only grown 2.2%.  

So what is going on?  And how will today's market change over the next year?  These are the questions Semico's IPI Index seeks to answer.

Every month we discuss our forecast in our IPI report.  Semico looks at a variety of factors to forecast out the semiconductor market. And once a quarter we provide an in-depth look at the market, giving detailed forecasts for Discretes, Analog, Optoelectronics, Memory, Etc.

This month, the topics included in the IPI report included: 

  • Understanding the Decade:  Growth Trends
  • Smartphone Wars:  Highlight on India
  • Analog Engine Still Cruising Ahead
  • Micro Logic Overview:  Making a Slow Recovery in 2014
  • ASIC Market Overview:  Higher Growth Ahead in 2015
  • Semico Forecast

The IPI index, which increased during the first half of 2013, accurately predicted  strong semiconductor sales in the first half of 2014. However, the IPI declined from May to December 2013, which means this industry will experience below seasonal semiconductor sales in the second half of 2014.

Our top-down/bottom-up method of analyzing the market along with the added benefit of every Semico analyst contributing their own analysis on the market has made the IPI our most popular offering.  Do you have a subscription?  Give us a call for a free issue and see what you've been missing.  

If you'd like to discuss Semico's forecast, and get a subscription to the IPI, you can catch Joanne Itow at the SEMI Arizona Fall Breakfast Forum on October 17th in Tempe where she'll be speaking at 8:20am.  Early Registration ends tomorrow, so get your seat today.  

For more information, contact Rick Vogelei.
Phone: (480) 435 - 8564

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