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12 Inch SOI wafers will grow over 30% CAGR to 2019, says Semico Research

Recent activities revolving around smartphones, IoT and FinFETs have once again put SOI in the headlines.  The adoption of RF-SOI has become a major success.  In fact, it's become so much of a success that capacity has been tight, and supply of 200mm SOI wafers has become a concern.  According to a new report from Semico Research,  SOI Update 2015: Finding New Applications,12" SOI wafers will grow by 30.1% CAGR from 2014-2019. 

"There are two distinct markets that have formed around the use of SOI wafers in semiconductor manufacturing.  The first market involves the adoption of SOI wafers for RF analog functions in mobile devices," says Joanne Itow, Director of Manufacturing Research.  "The limitations of GaAs and the growth in multiband, multimode mobile devices have stimulated the growth of RF-SOI in the smartphone market.  This growth is expected to spill over into a variety of applications that will require mobile access, more specifically, all the connected devices for the Internet of Things."

This recent Semico Research report's findings include:

  • Demand for 8" SOI wafers will remain relatively flat as capacity constraints and technology transitions force a move to other options. 
  • Total wafer demand will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.2% through 2019.
  • Currently logic products consume the largest amount of silicon at 39.1% of the total. 

The report  "SOI Update 2015: Finding New Applications" presents an SOI wafer demand forecast along with assumptions and market trends that will impact the use of SOI wafers in the future.  It also details why, and why not, RF-SOI adoption is different from FD-SOI adoption.  

The "SOI Update 2015: Finding New Applications"is part of Semico Research's Manufacturing Portfolio which includes the following reports:

FinFETs 2014: Shaking Up the Mobile And Foundry Markets

Wafer Demand Summary and Assumptions

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