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November 2019

RISC-V Market Analysis: The New Kid on the Block

In June 2019, Semico Research initiated a study to quantify the total available market (TAM) for IP cores and estimate the served available market (SAM) for RISC-V IP cores.  We surveyed and interviewed a cross section of the semiconductor industry in order to gather information related to the type of devices that are being designed with RISC-V and their target markets.

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Energy Harvesting: Cultivating Fuel for Electronics

Energy harvesting, also known as power scavenging, is used to describe the collection of energy derived from a variety of external sources such as solar power, thermal energy, wind energy, kinetic energy or electromagnetic sources.  Energy harvesters accumulate the wasted energy in a system, such as heat given off by motors or semiconductors, or the vibrations of motors or other moving objects, for use in another system.  

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