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September 2013

MEMS Oscillators: The Momentum is Building

In 2012 the MEMS (Micro Electrical Mechanical System) oscillator market grew 31% to $37.9 million. This represents less than one percent of the total timing market of $6.9 billion and promises to be a high growth market as MEMS oscillators continues to attract more vendors. There are currently eleven vendors shipping MEMS oscillators. One more, Sand9 has announced it will start shipping later in 2013. One new entrant, Silicon Labs has launched a single chip CMOS MEMS oscillator. Two companies, NXP and Murata, each have MEMS oscillator products on hold.

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450mm Wafer Manufacturing: The Semiconductor Industry at a Crossroads

The debate over 450mm wafer manufacturing has been raging for years within the semiconductor industry. Should it happen? Will it happen? When? Who will be the first to take the plunge? Development costs and fab costs are so high that only a select few companies are even capable of making it a reality. What does that mean for the rest of the industry?

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