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August 2007

Richard Wawrzyniak Responds

Recently, Mark LaPedus of the EETimes wrote an article titled, "Opinion: Semi IP sector is a lost cause."

Semico's Senior Analyst Rich Wawrzyniak responds with Semico's take on IP here.



Intel Signs on with ARC

On Sept. 11, 2007 it was announced that Intel has signed a new multi-year, royalty bearing licensing agreement with ARC. The agreement covers several ARC products.

It appears that Intel will make use of ARC’s configurable CPU technology for its SoC development. The announcement implies that Intel had been an ARC licensee already. The announcement also indicates that Intel may utilize ARC products for wireless communications. It should be noted that in April 2007 Broadcom signed a 10 year extension to its existing licensing agreement with ARC.

ComicCon 2007: Content is King, and Other Observations on Digital Living

Frequent readers of the Semico Spin know that I am a fan of this convention and attend it during my family vacation. This is the fourth year in a row if I remember correctly which we attended. As I say every year, there were more geeks than you can shake a light saber at.

For those unfamiliar with ComicCon ( it is the largest convention for comic books in the world. However, it covers a great deal more. Science fiction and fantasy TV and movies are heavily represented. These are usually tied in with comics and animation. There is also a strong tie in with video games. Attendance reached 125,000 on Saturday – the first sellout in the convention’s history. It is the largest convention through out the year for the city of San Diego.

Before going into more details about ComicCon 2007, some observations on “digital living” so to speak. When I go on vacation I cannot seem to take the analyst hat off completely. I don’t just lie on the beach and veg out – at least not always. It seems just a few years ago that internet connectivity, especially wireless, was a big deal. Now it has become relatively standard. It is pretty much expected not only in cafes but in summer rentals. I am no longer amazed at seeing people walking or jogging along the beach with iPods.

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