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July 2007

The Apple iPhone: Critics Miss the Point

Critics find things wrong. That is the nature of critics. If a critic finds something wrong, that shows how smart the critic is. But, with the Apple iPhone, the critics are completely missing the point. The iPhone is a revolutionary approach to the combination of a cell-phone and a music player. That’s why they’re flying off the shelf. Reports are that more than 500 thousand were sold in the first week. Everything else is just carping. Every maker of cell phones, MP3 players, portable media players or any other handheld electronic device is going to have to take the iPhone or its successors into account in planning any future product. The iPhone will act as a catalyst for new phone models and will help drive upgrades.

Here are some of the complaints and the Semico Spin:

· The iPhone is limited to just one carrier.

Semico Spin: What better way to control the ramp-up to full production and to speed up the response to any initial problems.

· The keyboard is allegedly hard to get used to.