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September 2004

Silicon Strategies: Semiconductor Industry Hits "Bump in the Road"

Mark LaPedus,Silicon Strategies
Phoenix, AZ September 9, 2004

The semiconductor industry has hit a "bump in the road" as the business is heading towards negative territory in 2005, according to an analyst with Semico Research Corp. on Thursday (Sept. 9).

300mm Fabs to Show Major Ramp

Silicon Strategies
Mark LaPedus
Phoenix, AZ September 9, 2004

It's no wonder that analysts predict excess capacity in 2005: the total number of 300-mm fabs worldwide equates to some 100 200-mm plants in terms of overall wafer output.

Growing R&D Spending on New Memory Technologies

Solid State Technology
Phoenix, AZ September 1, 2004

Growing uneasiness over the ability to continue shrinking existing CMOS memory cells and the push toward portable electronics are helping to foster R&D on new memory technologies.