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Rich Wawrzyniak

Principal Analyst: ASIC and SoC


Rich Wawrzyniak, a veteran with 20+ years of experience in the Semiconductor Industry, has held sales and sales management, product marketing and product marketing management positions and been a market analyst and manager of corporate planning at large semiconductor manufacturers, focused on technical sales and marketing. Rich has a well-rounded background in both emerging and mature markets and applications with special emphasis on Analog, ASIC, Memory and Processor functions, as well as Systems products, software development and process technology. As a member of a business development group at STMicroelectronics, he dealt with such diverse customers as Hard Disk Drive, Printer, Telecom, Computer and Automotive manufacturers. At Toshiba America, he was part of a combined Sales, Marketing and Engineering team which introduced the 4Mb DRAM to the US market, interfacing with every major Computer, PC, Peripheral, Networking and Telecom manufacturer in the US. He assumed a role as Memory Marketing Manager for the western US and oversaw the start of the transition from 4Mb to 16Mb DRAMs. Later at Toshiba, he headed their Corporate Planning group and was responsible for identifying, analyzing and forecasting market trends and drivers for every one of their semiconductor business units, disseminating this information throughout the company, and to the highest levels of management on a worldwide basis. He is a graduate of Loyola University in Chicago, IL.